Ignorance of the rules is not an exception to liability, but is in itself  an aggravating circumstance!

Users are not allowed:
  • Manage multiple teams. One person - one team.
  • To use any bugs or imbalance in the game with the purpose of gaining additional benefits over other players. The user is obliged to immediately inform the site administration about any errors found or possible frauds.
  • To show racial, national and religious hostility, to promote terrorism, extremism, drugs.
  • Distribute pornographic materials (the presence / absence of pornographic character is determined by the site administration).
  • Call for violation of the current legislation and leave messages that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Use obscene language and swearing when communicating.
  • Publish offensive, provocative or libelous statements about other users of the site.
  • To publish offensive, provocative, defamatory, and injurious to the business reputation remarks about the project, the administration and the creators.
  • Publish the same type, similar in content messages in several topics and chat (does not apply to the personal blog Manager). Each message must be in the corresponding topic, if the topic does not exist, it is allowed to create a fitting topic. 
  • To distribute advertising, self-promotion and commercial messages.
Messages that fall under these categories will be deleted and their author will be warned.
In case of repeated violations, the user can be banned for a period of 3 to 30 days. In case of multiple violations of these rules, the user can be banned indefinitely. 
The presidents of the federations can be banned for:
  • Use your position to carry out actions aimed at personal gain.
  • Call on members of federations to ignore, boycott other users of the project or federations. 
  • Call on members of federations to act in violation of the rules of the game.
  • To name, designate, mention a Federation under any other name except " Federation {country}". 
Any violation of these rules by the President may be a reason for his removal from office.
Managing for several teams:
  • Administrative measures in respect of the main account, if there were no transactions between the teams and there were no other actions aimed at obtaining an additional advantage of one of the teams. Accounts-cartoons are deleted. 
  • Deletion of all accounts in case of transactions aimed at obtaining the advantage of one of the teams or repeated violation of this rule. 
  • The administration is not responsible if the account falls under the ban as a result of the use of anonymizer, so the use of any anonymizers is strictly not recommended.
Dismissal of the Manager occurs in the following cases:
  • Inactivity (40-50 days without logging into the account)
  • Violation of established rules, or in private
All cases that are not included in these rules will be considered individually.