How to play a match with someone?
Official matches are held daily around midnight in Moscow. You can play a friendly match at any time in the "League -> Play now" section.

Can I manage the team during the match?
No, the matches are held automatically according to the pre-configured starting lines and tactics.

I do not agree with the result of the match and i demand a replay!
Replays are carried out only in exceptional cases, for example, when the teams played each other by mistake in the calendar schedule. In other cases, the results of the matches are not subject to revision.

My team outshots the opponent 10 times and still lost. How is this possible?
This game, like all similar managers, is based on the theory of probability. By improving your team, you increase the chances of winning, but you can never guarantee yourself a victory or a certain number of goals. You can score a goal in one shot and not score any in 50. Only by constantly improving the team, you reduce the probability of accidental defeat to a minimum. 

My team is better than the other team in terms of performance, but lost. Why?
Indicators of teams that are in the team profile do not take into account tactical settings, so they can not understand the full information, who is better and who is worse. These are formal values. Also see the previous question.

Why is my player not training well?
The lower the players potential, the lower his training. Also the higher trained skill, the harder it is to train. Try changing the training schedule or give the player more playing time. 

Why after the defeat, players have lost morale different?
Morale change after the match depends on the playing time, effective actions and psychology of the player, so the behavior of morale individually.  

My center forward was far superior to the opponents in terms of faceoffs and experience. However, post-match statistics do not match this advantage!
The calculation of the winner of the faceoff is not linear, that is, if your player has the skill of faceoffs twice as high as the opponent, it does not mean that he will win twice as many faceoffs. By increasing this skill you increase the probability of winning a faceoff, but not in direct proportion. This is a reality that you need to know and take into account.  

I have built 10th level of youthschool, however not born any stars yet...
By increasing the level of youth school, you increase the average level of players and thus the probability of the birth of talented juniors, but do not guarantee anything. A star can be born at once, and maybe in a few seasons. 

What is the draft? Who is a prospect?
Juniors from schol with whom contracts weren signed, can be chosen at the age of 17 years on a so-called draft. Such Junior is called prospect. Each League has its own list of prospects from which teams can choose. The order of selection is determined by the place that the team took in the standings. The lower it is, the higher the position for the team in the draft, the better player you  can get. 

How to choose a player in the draft?
You need to fill out a draftlist. To add a player to the draftlist, you need to go to the profile of the prospects and click "Add to draftlist". Then you can sort the players in the draft list.

How to improve the form of the player?
Remove a player from the lines(but do not put him in the farm-team) and give him zero training schedule.

How to boost the morale of the player?
Remove the player from the roster (but do not put him in the farm-team). If morale continues to fall that means that the player has low loyalty. In this case, the only way is to give the player more  timeon the ice  or sell him.

How do I find hidden values in my player profile?
It is necessary to scout him. In the players profile there is a button "Scout". Or you can copy his id and go to the page "Selection -> Scouting". 

Why are there so many injuries in my team? 
Firstly, hockey is a traumatic sport =) secondly, make sure that your players do not play more than their stamina allows (the number of playing minutes should not exceed stamina), because the lower the form, the higher the probability of injury. If a lot of injuries, it is not recommended to play 3 lines.

I won, but the popularity has not risen!
Popularity does not always rise, it depends on the strength of your opponent. Read more about it here

How do I become a coach of a national team?
National team coaches are appointed by the presidents of the federations. 

Is it necessary to be a member of the Federation?
No, thats your prerogative. But being in the Federation gives certain advantages: there is someone to ask for advice and help, participation in the development of the community and national teams.