There are certain rules, operating the process of player selection.

    Rules of recruiting:
    1. There should be no less than two players fit for the same position in the team.
    2. There should be no less than 17 players in the team.
    3. There should be no more than 50 players in the team in total, including contracts offered to free agents and drafted players.

    Salary cap
    Each league has a fixed salary cap for teams.
    The teams violating the rule of salary cap will face the following penalties:
    1. In case, the team exceeds the cap, it will be fined – 10 times difference between the current payroll and the salary cap are paid daily, until it starts to abide by the rule. In other words, if the team spends 6300 on salaries and the salary cap is 6000,then  the fine will be 3000.
    2. If the team’s balance drop below -100000, the most highly-paid players will automatically leave the team until the payroll complies with the salary cap.

    Free agents
    There are free agents in the game who are not contracted by any team. Each team can make such a player an offer. The player will choose the best offer. Salary – you can define yourself what salary to pay. It can’t be lower than the salary required by the player. Signing bonus – is a one-time payment you give out if the player chooses your team. It can help you to win the player over to your team. Player can not be used in deals or auctioned off for 55  days after the contract signing.