A new update was released yesterday. I will now mark all updates with the version (there has been a version inside the engine for a long time) to make it easier to navigate the articles. Also, the current version is listed at the bottom of the site.

0. A picture has been added to the competitive games section. It is noteworthy that it is generated by the Midjourney neural network .

1. Updated collection of emoticons with improved quality. If someone wants to add some kind of smile - write to me.

2. There have been some cosmetic changes in the design of the site aimed at improving the compactness of the information provided.

3. The match report will show the mood, the policies used and the copying of the time lines by the opponent.

4. The "Balance" policy has been added, which gives +5% to the strength of links in equal compositions.

5. The motivator now gives +2% to all skills of all players. This is an improved analogue of the old version, I decided to leave it after your comments.

6. Loyalty reform. In order for a players loyalty to grow by 1 after a match, he must be satisfied with his playing time. This time will depend non-linearly on the "General" player. With a total of 60, it is equal to 18 minutes, with 45 - 11. If the total is below or equal to 30, then 5 minutes.
If a player does not participate in the match, then his loyalty may decrease by 1 with a 33% probability in one of the cases:
- The player has a total greater than or equal to 45
- The age of the player is greater than or equal to 23

7. Reform of player training. Player will develop faster. 

8. The maximum age of aging is now 34. A child prodigy will have an aging age of at least 31, and a development speed of at least 2.

9. The level of development of the school now does not give a bonus to the training of players (previously it was + 2% for each level). Let me remind you that juniors and prospects train in accordance with the 10th level of development of the training base.

10. Injury reform. The possibility of injury and its duration will depend on the age of the player. The younger, the less traumatic it is. But in the future, a separate indicator may be added - the injury rate of the player. Also now, with an injury, the player will lose skills, 0.029 for each day. It is important that the fine will go to the original number of days without taking into account the rehabilitation center. That is, if a player is injured for 11 days, then at the 10th level of the RC he will recover for 1 day, but he will lose skills for all 11 days.