About boost points:
- Manager receives one point daily
- The sponsor will also give a different number of points
- Points can be spent on the purchase of sponsor cards, school point
You can sell boost points for 4000 per one

Earlier updates:
- New sponsor Edulife. It offers more benefits than other sponsors. More details can be found in the list of sponsors.
- The star of the club will now give + 2% to marketing (affects attendance and income in the match) instead 1%. The superstar will give + 15% instead of 10%. The league star, as before, gives + 5%. This change is made to strengthen the role of the stars and the better economy of income from the home stadium.
- The levels of stars required for a player to become a league star and superstar are reduced. This means that there will be a little more such players. Previously, there were very few superstars.
- Crab Electronics now gives 2 black cards on signing
- Now the rating of the teams that will participate in the ranking games will be calculated on the basis of the 16 best players of the team: 3 best players (in terms of "General") for the positions of LD, RD, C, LW, RW and one goalie. Previously, the selection took place according to the strength of the current roster, which made it possible to carry out certain manipulations before the search.