1. The restrictions on the sale of players at the market will be changed. Now it will be possible to place a player with a transfer value of more than 10. A message will appear in the players profile about the reason that the player cannot be sold.

2. Accordingly, it will be possible to sale at the market draft picks of the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

3. The value of the draft pick of the 1st round will become 240, the value of the second will become 60. The value of the 3rd round will not change and will remain 40.

4. The school will be able to regenerate one of the players for two points. That is, at level 10, you can change 5 players in a set.

5. For building marketing, a bonus for popularity will be added. Now each level will increase the minimum popularity. At level 10, the minimum popularity of a team will be 200. That is, no matter how bad a team plays, its popularity will not drop below 200.

6. The following changes apply to sponsor cards:
       a. A new black card will appear, which will restore the form and morale of all players.
       b. A new black card will appear, which will give +7 to the skills of one player for one match.
       c. Other new cards for bonus to player abilities.