List of changes for the new season:

1. One of the most conceptual changes in the HOL universe: now a log of events will appear in the match report with an indication of its probability. What does it mean? This means that you will see with what probability you could have scored a goal or with what probability there could have been a penalty. Actually, only these two events will be present in the logs for now.
2. The second change is related to the probability of penalty: now it has become lower. This will reduce the number of situations where one team is short-handed for half a match.
3. Now any game in which the goal difference reaches 10 will be early ended. More precisely, shots on goal will stop. Players will be formally play full time to get full experience and training.
4. A goalkeeper who was changed in an official game will lose 3 points of morale. This indicator can be adjusted by the result of the match.
5. For a high score lose in the playoffs, the team will now lose 2 popularity points instead of 4.
6. Fixed the change in morale for free agents: now they will gain 3 points of morale daily.
7. New managers will be promoted to MHL leagues.
8. In the middleseason, vacant teams will only fill in the MHL league from the IHL and below. Previously, this happened between all league levels.
9. Fixed updating of the rating of the organization. The reference value is now 100. But it could be higher.

Future plans:

1. Work continues on the first pages for new users This is the main goal now.
2. Switch for the ability to trade draft picks. If you turn it off, you will not be able to make a draft pick deal. Will be on for new managers.
3. Rating matches. You all know that you can now play regular friendly matches at A new section with ranked matches will appear - the winner will receive +1 to the seasonal rating, the loser will receive -1. If the seasonal rating is zero, then it will remain zero. The rating match will be a series of games up to 4 wins. Naturally, there will be restrictions on the selection of an opponent, so that the strong team does not fill the rating on the weak.