1. Bonuses for the captain and assistants. The parameter of leadership for players has been introduced. It becomes available after scouting the player. Leadership affects the bonus of the captain (3) and assistants (1) during the match - they give additional morale (summed up with the set parameter in tactics) to the line. The size of the bonus proportionally depends on the leadership:
100: +3
90: +2.4
50: 0
0: -3
The assistants base bonus is 1. Bonuses for one line are summed up. That is, if the captain and two assistants are in the same line and have maximum leadership, then the bonus will be +5.

P.S. Initially, the bonuses were supposed to be larger and should only work if the team loses or in the playoffs. But in view of the difficulties that arose with such a formulation of the problem, I decided to simplify the influence (they always work) and just reduce the amount of bonuses.

P.S.S. Captain and assistants are part of tactics now and these params take part in saves like other tactic settings. 

2. Now you can demolish buildings in the stadium for free.

3. The size of the one-time bonuses that the sponsor gives for achieving the goal has been increased. The description of the sponsor now has information about WHAT MOMENT it is paid.

4. The penalty for dismissing a player is reset if the teams balance is negative.