Welcome, dear readers. 
Today, I will interview with, themselves understood whom, so let us greet mwptak
The article will be, both with translation, for English-speaking audience and without, for Russian-speaking users.
So, lets go!

kovalart: Hey! Can you give an interview?
mwptak: To the World Cup? Absolutely!
kovalart: Okay!)
How do you feel before this huge tournament?
mwptak: The USA Team feels good, especially before the World Championship, as players now spent many games in same lines. We play in the difficult group, so there will be no easy games. This may be the last season for some veterans if they don lose in the skill.
kovalart: Which Tactics would you like to choose in the 1st game?
mwptak: The USA Team can play boldly and win, get out with aggression to get leadership in the early stage of the game.
kovalart: Okay, I’ve understood you.
And the last question, would you like to win this championship?
mwptak: Absolutely! Since Im not playing very long - it would be very great!
kovalart: Okay, thank you for the interview!

Thank you for reading this article, and on this my powers all.