Many likely already noticed changes in display of indicators of teams and players in their profiles. 

Also I would like to note that in a profile of a team information on alternative names appeared. Earlier editing these parameters cost HOL points, but I lifted these limits and you can pass to the page of settings directly from a profile of a team (pencil) near attributes.

Also from last modifications on the home page:
1. The shortest of team names (also as well as on the page of playoffs) and a logo is displayed.
2. The last thoughts are displayed. 
3. On the page of playoffs mobile adaptation is turned off. 

It is planned:
1. Possibility of comments on thoughts
2. An output of the last transactions at market and transitions of free agents - now there is no list of these transfers.
3. A tape of messages of league - the last signings of contracts, transitions of players, etc.
4. New interface of editing lines.
5. I consider a possibility of setup of a form - colors and team logo on it. 

Write the impressions and notes in comments!