Each season 22 players come to your junior school: 4 players for each position and 2 goalkeepers. 

    You see only a limited number of abilities. Some of them you see with certain accuracy, that depends on the level of your scout bureau

    The level of the different juniors depends on the level of your junior school: 
    At zero level of the junior school, talent and efficiency of all 22 juniors are generated whithin the range of 0 to 100. 
    Each level of the school raises the minimum level of talent and efficiency by 6.5. This means that at level 6 talent and efficiency will be generated in the range of 39 to 100. At level 10, from 65 to 100. 

    If you are a member of a federation, you will have at least 6 players of your own nationality, the rest will be generated randomly. If you are not a member of any federation, nationality of all juniors will be created random.  


    There is one player each year who is generated at your junior school with increased values of talent/efficiency. At zero level of your junior school these stats will be random from 80 to 100. At level 10 they will range from 90 to 100. Each development level of your junior school raises minimal level of talent and efficiency for your wunderkind by 1.


    Initial abilities depend on junior talent and junior school level. 


    Each level of junior school gives +2% to junior training. Juniors play matches and train during these matches. You can observe their statistics. Throughout the season, juniors receive training by default according to their position.

    Change of types and positions

    You can change junior type and/or position. The number of changes is equal to the level of your school. Changing type and position of junior does not mean that the developed abilities will be changed accordingly. This means that if you change from center forward to defenseman, all the points spent on "face-offs" will remain spent for a newly acquired defenseman. This costs one action point.


    You can increase your juniors efficiency. The cost of raising depends on current efficiency of this particular junior: 
     from 0 to 90: 1 point
    - 90 to 95: 2 points
    - from 95 to 100: 3 points
    Example. Lets suppose the level of your junior school is 8. Then a junior with efficiency of 80 will be possible to raise  to 88. Junior with efficiency 90 will be possible to raise up to 94. Junior with the efficiency of 95, only up to 97 (at the same time 2 unused points will remain and could be spent on something else).

    Special training

    You can send any junior to special training, which will instantly improve his abilities (approximately equals 5 matches played). Price - 2 action points. Thus at level 8 you can provide four such training sessions. 


    You can naturalize junior and change his citizenship. Price for naturalization of a single junior is 10 action points.

    Contract signature

    After the 45th day of the season you can sign your wanted players and let the rest go, getting a monetary reward. The level of reward depends on the juniors trade value.