Regular championship
    Regular season defines who will take place in the playoffs .

    A regular season consists of 34 rounds. All matches are played on a daily basis. 
    Each team plays two matches with opponents from the same division and one match with other teams within the same  league. Beeing first in the division doesn’t provide with any advantage in the tournament standings.

    • Matches consist of 3 periods 20 minutes each. Each game has a winner. If a game is in a tie after regulation time, depending on the games status: 1) 5-minute overtime period is played followed by a shootout if the score remains tied; 2) an endless overtime is played until a golden goal is reached.
    • For every victory (regardless whether it happened during regulation time, overtime or the shootout) the team gains 2 points. For the defeat in the overtime or in the shootout a team gains 1 point. For the defeat in the regular time – 0 points.
    • The tournament standings priorities in descending order:
      1. Points
      2. Wins within regulation time
      3. Wins within overtime
      4. Overtime losses
      5. Points difference 
      6. Goals
      7. In case all the indicators mentioned above coincide for two or more teams, only head to head records are taken into consideration (a separate bracket is created and teams are compared on the mentioned indicators)
    According to the results of the regular season the first eight teams from each conference are divided into pairs, determining quarterfinal pairs of each conference: the 1st placed teams plays with the 8th, the 2nd with the 7th and etc. 
    The winning teams enter semifinals and divided into pairs according to ranking in regular season.

    The playoffs consist of 4 rounds:
    • Conference quarterfinals
    • Conference semifinals
    • Conference finals
    • Final
    Thus, firstly each conference has its own playoffs. And the conference  winners are playing against each other in the final.
    Victory in a round
    In order to pass to the next round the team has to be the first to win 3 games.
    Hometeam is swapped after each match.

    Transfers between leagues
    In order to get to the higher league the team has to make it to conference  final. Thus, 4 teams can get transferred from lower-rank league to the next and the last 4 teams from each conference’s standings descend to the lower league.

    Teams led by human-players can get transfered from the lower rank league to a higher one (if there are vacant spots) during the off season with regard to their performance in playoffs and popularity.