Every day the teams earn and spend money.

    The team’s income is formed of sponsorship payments, matchrevenue and deals.

    It is one of the most important indicators of the team. It defines match attendance and sponsorship payments. Popularity changes according to the results of each match, unless the rating of the winning team exceeds the losing team’s rating more than by 20 % (in that case the winner gets +1 and the looser -1 to popularity).

    Example. The team A´s popularity is 200, the team B´s – 100, if the team B loses, the popularity of both teams remains unchanged. If team B wins,  popularity of both teams changes accordingly (+1 for team B, -1 for team A).

    Major defeat. If the team has lost by more than 4 points, its popularity additionally decreases by 1 point in regular season and by points difference in playoffs matches. For a major win though, an additional popularity point is given. Major defeat matters only when the "20%" requirement is met. 

    Playoffs. For getting into playoffs a team gets +4 to its popularity. For entering each new stage during playoffs teams get +2 to popularity. +4 to popularity is gained when the team wins a cup. By default, during playoffs each participating team gets +1 to popularity. This means that in case of victory over an opponent with equal popularity the team gets +2 to popularity. In case of a non-major defeat it gets +0. And if a major defeat with the score difference of 6 occurs, the loser gets -6 and the winner, recieving a bonus for a major win gains a total of +3 to popularity.

    League dropouts.  If the team drops out of the league, it loses 4 popularity points. 

    Everyday the team gets 6000 + 40 * popularity from its sponsors. The team also gets bonuses for performance in final matches of regular season and in playoffs.

    Match income
    Attendance and match income depend on the following indicators: 
    1. Popularity
    2. Marketing
    3. The number of star players in both teams
    4. Team’s rating correlation. The higher the difference is, the less interesting the game is. 
    Income from Deals
    You can sell players and draftpicks at the auction.

    The team’s expenses are formed from player salaries, stadium maintenance, deals and bonuses.

    It is the total sum of all the players salaries with management department taken into cosideration. This sum is of importance when calculating the salary cap.
    The actual payroll is the payroll including players in the farm-team. If the player is in the farm-team, the player gets only 1/5 of his salary. Only this sum is withheld from the balance.

    Stadium maintenance
    Everyday a certain ammount of money is withheld for infrastructure maintenance. The management team can reduce this ammount.

    Auction and bonuses 
    You can purchase players and draftpicks from other teams at the auction. You are also able to pay bonuses when signing free agents.