Every season in each league a draft is conducted– a kind of talent fair where the best young players of the world participate in order to get a chance to prove themselves on the highest level. These are the players of the Junior Schools who didn’t sign contracts with their teams or were released for a fee.

    Players participating in the draft are called prospects. The quantity of prospects equals the number of the teams in the league (32), multiplied by the number of rounds. At the moment there are 3 rounds. Initially skills and some other player indicators are hidden. Their visibility depends on the level of the Scout Buerau and on whether the player was examined at the youth school. After the examination the talent and efficeiency are assessed:
    A: from 95 to 100
    B: from 90 to 94
    C: from 85 to 89
    D: from 80 to 84
    E: below 80

    At the beginning of every season each team is given three draftpicks, one for each round. Draft picks can be exchanged, among other leagues as well.

    Draft list
    In order to choose the preferred players in draft, you need to add them in the draft list in advance. The player will be chosen from the top of the list and down according to your ranking.

    Draft lottery
    On the 35th day of each season a draft lottery is held in each league to decide who will choose first . Draft lottery can be won by any team in the league. Chances of choosing the first is:
    32:nd poisition in the league: 20%
    31: 19%
    30: 13%
    29: 12%
    28: 8%
    27: 7%
    26: 5%
    25: 4%
    The rest of the teams chances are 0,5%. Voting sequence for following rounds will be established based on the teams position within the league standings: A lower position gives the highest choice on draft.

    Draft procedure
    1. The draft order is determined by the teams standing after the end of the regular season. The team that have taken the last place is the first to choose. 
    2. A Draft lottery is held to determine who has the first three choice. The rest choose according to the league standing at the end of the season. 
    3. The first round takes place on the 40th day, the second round on day 45,and the  the third round on day 50.