Transfer value
    All players, draft picks and even money have their own transfer value that can vary depending on game circumstances, but its main purpose is to give an objective, unbiased evaluation to the price of different objects. In other words, if the player has a TV (trade value) that equals 220 and the first round draftpick has a TV equal to 220, then we are talking about objects of the same value. Moreover, TV is a basic indicator in the deals fairness  you’ll learn more about that below.

    Basic components of a deal
    • Maximum of 3 players from each side
    • Maximum of 3 draftpicks from each side

    • The deal must correspond to the rules.
    • The rule "Deal fairness" should be met (see below).
    • The team participating in play-off is not able  to offer and/or accept any new deals til the end of the round which the team played in. In other words, for example, if the team lost the round of three matches, it means it can start taking part in deals in 2 days, after the end of the current match stage.

    Deal fairness
    Transfer values of both teams objects are measured.
    • Players with their own TV
    • Draft picks

    Deals fairness (%) = (lower TV / higher TV) * 100. If this value is less than 90%, the deal is considered to be unfair and can not  be settled.
    For example, lets suppose that two players with the value 350 each are listed in the deal by the 1st team. And the 1st draft pick with the value of 400 is listed by the 2nd team together with a player with value of 265. In this case the deals fairness equals (400 + 265) / (350+350) = 0,95. This deal will be approved by the system.