All about the game

28 Feb at 22:22
Thank you
1 Apr at 15:50
What is UI? It is only for draft prospects? Why is it sometimes lower than AI. Goalies have much bigger UI than AI.
I have no idea how Overall index (OVR) and Trade Value (TV) is calculated, I read the guide, but that gives more questions... How to achieve best OVR for C, W, D, G by skill distribution during training? Default Training schedules is the hint?
3 Apr at 13:29
Hi, where did you find UI (Utility index)? It is deprecated for more understandable "Overall".
Overall - current player rating based on his current skills
Trade value - combined player rating for trades and market. It is based also on potential and other development attributes. 

Concrete formulas i cant give you, but the simpliest answer is "more skills - more Overall", "more skills,more talented - more trade value".
2 hours ago
UI is visible in Prospects list and Draftlist (english version).

Ok, so OVR is calculated from current skills (abilities) related to players position - So that means Attack, Defense, Shot, Skill, Hits, Speed, Faceoffs (only centers), Psychology, Stamina and Experience are all used in formula in some manner?
TV is calculated from OVR, Age, Potential, Talent, Efficiency, aging and development speed?