<p><br><img alt="Steer your own hockey club" src="/media/img/welcome.png" style="display: block;margin: auto;" /></p><br><h1 class="blue"><br>Welcome</h1><br><p><br>HOL - it's <strong>a hockey online management game</strong>, online browser game, does not require additional software.</p><br><p><br>Here hockey fans from around the world compete against each other in the art of leadership to their own team. Fighting for the prestigious title and built majestic stadiums. Juniors selected in the draft, or start over from the threshold of sports youth schools, develop and turn into superstars, but they get old, losing their skills and then hang skates on the wall.</p><br><!--<br><ul><br> <li>Compete with real players from around the world</li><br> <li>Develop the infrastructure of the club on the way to own a hockey dynasty</li><br> <li>Demonstrate your coaching talent to all, creating an unbeatable team using line-up and settings of tactics</li> <br> <li>Choose your own path of development making a bet on the strong and experienced players or young but talented juniors</li><br> <li>Fulfil deals with other managers to strengthen line-up or get other benefits for your team</li><br> <li>Grow future hockey superstars in your own sports youth school</li><br> <li>Or choose them on the draft</li><br></ul><br><div style="background: white; border: 2px dotted #6495ED; padding: 5px;"><br> <center><a href="registration.php"><img src="/media/img/reg.png" alt="Sign up" /></a></center><br></div><br>--><h1 class="blue"><br>Game screens</h1><br><div id="screenshots"><br><a class="screenshot" href="/media/img/screen1.jpg" title="Page of team «Devil Bats»"><img height="150" src="/media/img/screen1.jpg" /></a> <a class="screenshot" title="Page of player profile" href="/media/img/screen2.jpg"><img height="150" src="/media/img/screen2.jpg" /></a> <a title="Result of the match of the regular season" class="screenshot" href="/media/img/screen3.jpg"><img height="150" src="/media/img/screen3.jpg" /></a></div><br><p><br>Try your hand at the role of owner and <strong>online manager</strong> of real hockey team. The game has no pre-conceived scenarios, here everything is in your hands. You will work with the line-up, buy and sell players, set the tactics for the matches, improve infrastructure and raise the change in your sports youth school. And your team, conquering more and higher trophies, will acquire new fans and sponsors.</p><br><p><br>In addition, we provide users with a unique possibility to choose which country they will play without confining them in their preferences. Everyone has the right to run for the coach of any national team and to perform at the world championships. And finally, <i><strong>the game is free</strong></i>, so don't hesitate and join us!</p>